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Design Portfolio

The best way to get an appreciation for the capabilities of Noetic Harbor, LLC is to look at some of the websites we have developed. This group of websites is meant to be representative of some of our work. For each category of sites we review some of the most salient features. To visit any of these sites click the thumbnails at the right. Some have sections that are password protected.

Sailing Classes

The J/105 is a 35 foot racing one-design class sailboat. The J/105 Class is an association of owners who have common interests in sailing the boat. This site has been in operation since 1996 and has been, in part, responsible for the feeling of community among the owners and the success of the Class. The webmaster posts articles on governance, racing results, and general news. There is a Forum where owners can post questions and get answers from other owners. This site supports a database of owners, search capability, RSS feeds, a shopping cart, and a weekly poll. We also have constructed similar sites for the J/80 and J/109 Classes. For the J/105 and J/109 there are also adjunct sites for Fleets within the Associations that we developed.

Student Financial Aid Administrators

We have designed and built sites for Financial Aid Administrators, including those from Massachusetts and Michigan. These are all membership sites featuring user-maintained content, mailing lists, photo albums, voting, and conference materials. We have also done five state College Goal Sunday sites (an organization that helps high school students fill out their required FAFSA forms). The states include AK, MA, ME, MS. They are each a bit different, but share the characteristic of having a Content Managment System that lets the administrators control the content and manage the volunteers.

Small Non-Profits

We have the Jewish Seniors and their housing adjunct, Tamarisk, RI. These both have been through several iterations, improving them over the years. The Tamarisk site features a Flash slideshow of photos of the facility. The Jewish Seniors site has multiple sections that can be updated with news, events, and photography by a webmaster who had limited computer skills to start out. These are among several sites that have email accounts with them. We have also helped with the Cub Scouts, a local MOMS Club, and two Homeowners. We have helped to maintain a site called which is a non-profit chartitable organization.

Small Businesses

Among our oldest sites are Anchor Self Storage and Lighted Charts. The former is a self-storage company with locations in Wakefield, RI and Mashpee, MA. The latter is a home business making nautical charts that have LEDs that blink at the same frequence and color as the actual lights. Other small business sites that we designed include a yarn store in New Jersey. Another recent design addition has been Newman Dignan & Sheerar, Inc., a financial services firm in Providence, RI.

The Arts

Enrico Garzilli is an author, composer, scholar, organist, pianist, and teacher. We have developed sites for him and for his musical, Rage of the Heart. Both these sites are used to preview his music and the latter is also a vehicle for selling his CDs and viewing photography of recording sessions. We also developed the site for David Schock, a world renouned artist.

University Services

Gear UP Mississippi is a site that heralds services provided by the State of Mississippi. It was developed running on our server and then transitioned to their statewide IHL services running on their servers. We used outside design services to help us design this site and helped to transition it to IHL.

Other Sailing

At various times we have constructed sites for sailing regattas or sailing organizations. A site for J/Boat owners complements their primary site and went into operation since 2008. The most recent innovation to regatta sites has been to take registrations on-line using credit cards and allowing the organizer to monitor the entries. The first J/105 North Americans site was done in 2004. The Twenty Hundred Club was primarily designed by one of their own members, with a small amount of help from us.

Personal Sites

At various times we have designed sites for families and for selling boats or cars. In the case of the latter, these are short-lived sites that simplify the advertising of the boat or car and then they disappear after the item is sold. It is surprisingly inexpensive and efficient to sell this way.