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Questions about login:

How do I login if I don't have a recognized Login ID?

All our clients should be recognized. If you get a message that your e-mail address is not recognized, please use the Client Contact form (click "Contact" on the left menu) to explain your situation.

How do I log in if I don't have a Password (or don't remember it)?

Enter your email address here and we will email you a new Password (for security purposes we only store passwords in encoded form so we cannot send you your old password).


Important note: Please make sure your e-mail client will not filter out the mail from ""

Why can't I choose my own password?

You can. Simply type your email address, your old Password and the new Password below:

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Can I log out so that somebody using my machine cannot access or change my personal information?

Yes, clicking this button will log you out so that a password is required to log back in:

Do I have to login every time I visit the site?

No, if you access the site from the same machine with the same browser software, we should be able to recognize you. If you change your machine or your browser software, you must log in again.

How safe is all this?

Very safe as long as you don't divulge your password and do not let others use your computer without logging out. Even in the worst case when an unauthorized user gets access, all they can do is pay your bill (if they also have your PayPal password) or see your web statistics (also requiring a password).