The principals


Nelson Weiderman received degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Cornell University in 1967 and 1971 respectively and has had a career in software.


Catherine White received her degree in Speech from Northwestern University in 1984 and continued her education at the Chubb Institute for Computer Technology.

About Noetic Harbor, LLC

Noetic Harbor, LLC is a Year 2000 startup founded by Nelson Weiderman as a third career. He spent fourteen years as a Computer Science professor for the University of Rhode Island and fourteen years as a research software engineer working for the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He is joined by Catherine White whose previous career was as a programmer for Shell Oil Company and AT&T.

Noetic Harbor also has access to key designers and computer scientists who act as independent contractors as needed. We also have access to experts in content areas such as sports, finance, education, and marketing. Noetic Harbor is a "virtual organization" in which all the employees work out of home offices to keep overhead low. We make use of "open source" tools and resources to keep costs low and to increase flexibility.

One area of expertise is in sites that draw their content from databases. In this way we can design content management systems so that the clients can control their own content using simple fill-in forms. Many of our sites are membership-based sites, in which the members are given passwords to access certain parts of the site. We have designed numerous sites that interface with PayPal or other web resources to collect money for memberships, contributions, and merchandise.

We custom design graphics, e-commerce solutions, and database-backed sites. We expect the client to be an active participant in the design process. Customers are expected to present their ideas and their artwork for incorporation into the website design. We also have re-designed many sites to improve both presentation and content.

The purpose of Noetic Harbor, LLC is to serve clients who are motivated to enter into a partnership to design and maintain distinctive web presences. We pride ourselves in being detail oriented and highly responsive to client needs. We make sure that your web site works on all modern browsers.